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Pennsylvania Primary Wrap-up
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Another major primary has passed - Are we any closer to a Democratic Presidential nominee?


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Political Analyst and Trinity Professor Rennie Fulco: Photo Catie TalarskiPolitical Analyst and Trinity Professor Renny Fulco: Photo Catie Talarski
Well, it's one day after the "most important" primary so far in the race for the Democratic Nomination. And, essentially nothing has changed.

Hillary Clinton was expected to win the Pennsylvania Primary - and she did - by roughly 10 points. That's the dividing line that political pundits had drawn in the sand. A bigger win? That might spell trouble for Barack Obama. A single digit victory? That wouldn't be enough to change the tide of Obama's delegate lead.

So, what next as the candidates head to a May 6th primary in North Carolina and Indiana? What have we learned from Pennsylvania? And, as it continues to turn out voters - and generate excitement - is the Democratic party beating itself to death?

Political Analyst and Hartford Courant Columnist Bill Curry: Photo by Catie TalarskiPolitical Analyst and Hartford Courant Columnist Bill Curry: Photo by Catie TalarskiWe'll talk with our political analysts, Bill Curry and Renny Fulco.

We'll also catch up with "Democrats Abroad" Peter Alegi and Connie Borde - expat Americans, who are active - and perhaps influential in the race.

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Having spent time in Pennsylvania and throughout the northern states, I definitely believe that race is an issue in this election and that 'white blue collar workers' is a subtle way to say 'voters concerned with race issues'. I think you will find that about their feelings about African Americans and now Mexican Americans who they love to refer to as 'immigrants'. AND I think that since the 1960s when the Democratic Party turned from the racist Party to the reform Party, these people have been deserting the Party. Reagan Dems were really those people who secretly disliked the concept of equality and no one talks about it.

So I think it is time for Where We Live to do a show on racism in the north especially in Connecticut. I think it would be clear that since Connecticut is the richest state in the country and contains three of the poorest cities and since those cities contain the majority of the minority population in the state AND since there is such an enormous disparity in the quality of our schools in the state in terms of white/minority education, it is worth REALLY examining this issue.

Penny Owen

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I didn't get to say this on air today, but this is what I would have liked to state this morning...

Barack’s campaign has been the most awesome marketing campaign in recent memory (the last was W's!). As an owner of my own business, I would never hire someone based on the fact that he might do a good job. I was listening to the American woman who lives abroad and to hear that she and others think Barack has more of an international sense is incredulous to me. I mean, what is that based on? Living abroad as a child? No matter how you take Senator Clinton’s experience as First Lady, there is no doubt that she has been to these many different places around the world representing the US in a positive and strong light. And I think that his lack of experience in international policy and how people still continue to think that he’s got what it takes to do a good job despite relatively little leadership experience is indicative of what a great marketing job people and the media have done for Barack. He has intentionally made himself into a clean slate – so to speak – and by that I mean, he has hardly any legislation to support his candidacy – so that people can build him up in their minds as they want. But there is just so little substance behind this candidacy.

Thanks, had to get that off my chest!

- Dr. Peggy Ku