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New Hampshire Primary Preview
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Where We Live previews the New Hampshire primary.


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Political Analyst Bill Curry and Capitol Reporter Av Harris: Photo by Chion WolfPolitical Analyst Bill Curry and Capitol Reporter Av Harris: Photo by Chion Wolf The Iowa Caucuses have given a big boost to Barack Obama and John McCain in their campaigns for President.

His surprising win in Iowa helped Obama gain traction in a tough fight for the New Hampshire primary. He's now leading Hilary Clinton by around 12 points in polls taken over the weekend. But the raw numbers might not be as important as some of the exit polling done in Iowa. An overwhelming percentage of young voters went to Obama's side and his message of "change" resonated with caucus goers.

Meanwhile, a stronger-than-expected Iowa finish has put John McCain back in the lead among Republicans. The Senator has always had success with "independent" voters - the most important commodity in the Granite State.

Our political reporter Av Harris, and our political analyst, Bill Curry will join us. As will young Connecticut campaigners working in New Hampshire.

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