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The Morning After
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Renny Fulco and Larry Cohen join Where We Live for election debrief


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The historic election of 2008 is over, and now focus turns to the Democratic party, with control of the White House, along with bigger margins in both houses of Congress.

As much as the nation might want to look forward to a new administration - and how it might fix our economic crisis - there's still plenty to say about how we got here on this November 5th.

Massive turnout of new voters nationwide.  A crumbling of long-standing racial barriers.  A call for hope and change that helped to sweep - not only Obama to victory - but many Republicans out of office.

Today Where We Live - we want to hear from you.  What changed yesterday?  What do you hope comes out of this historic election.

Renny Fulco from Trinity College, and Larry Cohen of the Hartford Courant will be hear - but we also want you to join the conversation.  Add your suggestions, questions and comments below.

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Listener Email from Gail Bogossian

I totally disagree that Obama was elected because he was Black.  That certainly was not the case for me.  Which brings me to another point about this election – I am excited about it not only because an African American has finally been elected to this office, but perhaps even more important to me, even more significant to me, is the prospect of finally having a government that I can respect and be proud of, which is run by a smart, efficient, practical good person, who will do the right thing for all people.