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Mayor Eddie Perez
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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The city of Hartford has about 34,000 uninsured residents


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Mayor Eddie Perez: Photo by Catie TalarskiMayor Eddie Perez: Photo by Catie TalarskiThe city of Hartford has about 34,000 uninsured residents -about 10% of all those without health coverage in the state. The City has assembled a task force to try and find ways to provide coverage who don't qualify for state or federal aid. Tonight, that task force presents recommendations to Mayor Eddie Perez.

Health insurance is just one of the problems facing the Capitol City - which continues to struggle with violence, stalled civic projects and troubles with the library system. But city leaders point to good news - overall crime statistics show improvement and it got good news about improving test scores among high school sophomores..

Today Where We Live, as part of our Capitol Region Reporting Initiative, we welcome in Hartford's Mayor Eddie Perez, to talk about health coverage - and the state of the capitol city.

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Carlos Rivera mentioned health and wellness work in Hartford and that obesity is a problem in the city. I live in Hartford and was looking for a place to bring my son swimming last night. But the swimming pools (Goodwin, Pope and Colt) are only open to adults after working hours. So working parents can't swim with kids in the city during the week.
Can't they open one of the pools for kids/parents during the week.