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Venezuela: Revolution or Evolution?
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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A potential slowdown in Chavez's "revolution"


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Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has styled himself as a Revolutionary leader, taking on what he calls US "imperialism." In rhetoric that ranges from a threat to halt oil exports to the US to a crackdown on English words in the business sector, Chavez has built support from the poor across his own country, and the whole of Latin America.

But, his influence took a hit in December, as Venezuelan voters rejected his "constitutional" reforms. He's said he perhaps had gone too fast in trying to "revolutionize" his country.

Today, we look at the influence of Chavez on the US and the rest of the hemisphere, and the future of Latin America. Our guests are Michael Reid, the Americas editor for The Economist Magazine. His new book is "Forgotten Continent: The battle for Latin America's Soul." And, Wesleyan economist Fransisco Rodriguez, an early supporter of Chavez, who's become one of his biggest critics.

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