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A Look Ahead to Baseball 2008
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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ESPN's Peter Gammons joins us as baseball season opens


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Peter Gammons: Courtesy of ESPNPeter Gammons: Courtesy of ESPN
He's baseball's Renaissance man. A Rock 'n Roller who changed the way we read the sports page - and brought the sports page to cable TV.

Baseball - more than any other sport - has had it's share of great writers. Something about the pace of the sport - or maybe it's links to tradition and boyhood - has led to countless vivid descriptions of the game, in the daily newspaper, in fiction and in historical biographies. Few writers have had as much impact on the game as Peter Gammons.

Starting in the late 1960s at the Boston Globe - he chronicled his hometown team, the Red Sox, but grew into the leading national baseball writer - being inducted into the hall of fame in 2005. He helped to change the way we read about sports - in the Sunday "notes" column of the Globe....filled with reporting and rumors, facts, gossip and quotes - Gammons served as a bridge between the old-fashioned sports writing of the 50's and 60's and the modern avalanche of information as served up on ESPN.

His transition to TV for the Bristol, CT based company was the first in a series of defections from newspapers to TV - that helped to bolster televised coverage of the game. Today, where we live - we'll talk to Peter Gammons about his career - the upcoming baseball season - and his lifelong love affair with Rock n' Roll.

Bill Littlefield from NPR's "Only a Game"Bill Littlefield from NPR's "Only a Game"Also, NPR's Bill Littlefield breaks down the new baseball season.

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