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The Long Commute
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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A look at transportation woes in Connecticut


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John Dankosky interviews Kurt Schichtling and Jim Cameron at WVOF: Photo by Jean SantopatreJohn Dankosky interviews Kurt Schlichting and Jim Cameron at WVOF: Photo by Jean SantopatreStuck in traffic on 95? Packed Like a sardine into a train? It’s the life of the Connecticut Commuter.

Almost everywhere you go in the state, you feel the impact of
traffic congestion – outdated infrastructure and outmoded public
transportation. But no place is it worse than in Fairfield County.

So today, we hit the road…braved the traffic on 95, and came to
Fairfield University for a special Where We Live devoted to

We’ll talk about the impact clogged highways have on business in the
state…what the future of public transportation is in Connecticut…and
about what can be done to pay for roadway repairs while reducing
traffic (tolls anyone?)

The picture of the Metro North train on the front page was taken by Jim Frazier. Please visit his Flickr Site.

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