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Lieberman Speaks at RNC
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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CT Senator Joe Lieberman took the national political spotlight last night


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For those who remember Joe Lieberman speaking at the 2000 democratic convention as that party's nominee for Vice President - it was an odd site. The former Democrat-turned independent, making the case for his close friend John McCain to be President.

The speech wasn't filled with the angry rhetoric that another lapsed Democrat, Zell Miller, showed toward John Kerry in 2004, but it was a blow to Lieberman's standing in the party he's spent most of his life in - and a blow to the candidate, Barack Obama, who he took in as a mentor when he joined the senate.

Today, Where We Live - the courant's Mark Pazniokas joins us from St. Paul. And we'll take your reaction to Joe Lieberman's speech. Add your suggestions, questions and comments below.

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I realize that religion is supposed to be off limits and politically incorrect (although it certainly isn't for the Republicans) , but don't you really feel that a lot of the motivation for Joe Lieberman is his roots in Judaism and his feelings toward Israel? Certainly, none of the Republican platform (especially Sarah Palin) jives with Lieberman's history; the only place of agreement is the pro-war stance that McCain takes....an unstable Middle East is bad for Israel.


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I agree with the caller who voiced that Joe’s “reaching across party isles” is just an excuse for his continual self serving. Connecticut Democrats made it clear in the primary we they did NOT want him representing us, we wanted Ned Lamont; so he ran and got re-elected as an independent. He cares about no issues bigger than his own career! And does NOT represent Connecticut.


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I am tired of hearing about Lieberman reaching across party lines. For the first 7 years of the Bush administartion the Democrats were ignored and thrown to the curb. You have to have someone to dance with to be bipartisan- these were years when we needed a fighter, not a placater in bipartisan clothing.

Rich neal


[email protected]

Exactly what issues is Joe Leiberman crossing party lines on, sex education? gun control?, tax codes? For those who are saying it is great to have an independently minded politician cross party lines I have to remind them we are talking about politics. For a man to be a life long democrat, be chosen as the vp for a democratic ticket, almost loose his seat in his state, and then switch sides at the last moment attempting to gain a position in the opposing parties administration sounds like political survival not independent thinking.


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Joe Lieberman is exactly the kind of sleazy, manipulative politician that
has turned me away from politics. Currently, his vote in the Senate is
the only one that allows the Democratic Party to keep its incredibly slim
majority, but it looks very likely that the Party will make up more seats
in November. Senator Lieberman knows very well that this is happening,
and also knows very well that as soon as his vote is no longer needed he
will be punished severely by the party. His only chance right now is to
hitch his future to the Republican Party and work for a high-level
position in a possible McCain cabinet.


Email to [email protected]

I understand the loyalty of friendship to an honorable man. What I don't understand is how Leiberman can support someone who agrees with Bush II 90% of the time when he himself votes with the Democrats 90% of the time. Where is the integrity in that?
Just consider that under a McCain presidency, the Supreme Court will be loaded with right wing zealots for generations. Is that what Leiberman wants to happen. If so, he's been a closet Republican all along.