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The latest national polls show Obama with a lead of up to 10 points over McCain


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On the stump for Barack Obama yesterday, Hillary Clinton warned Democratic supporters not to get too "overconfident" with polls showing Obama leading by double digits over John McCain.  Why not?  Well, by this morning, new polls had that lead down to 4 percent.

That's the way it goes in tight election years - everything we know for certain is likely to change several times before November 4.  With the only real poll being the one at the end...in the voting booth.

So, why do we pay such close attention to polls?  What do they tell us?  And, how do they change the outcome?

Today, where we live, Lydia Saad - Senior Editor of the Gallup poll joins us to talk about the latest horse-race numbers, as well as what they're finding about voters take on the issues.  We'll also hear from pollsters at Zogby and Quinnipiac.

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