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Ken Burns' The War
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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We talk to Ken Burns about his latest documentary.


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Documentarian Ken BurnsDocumentarian Ken BurnsOver a 30- plus year career, Ken Burns has helped bring Americans closer to their past. With a unique - and easily identifiable - storytelling style, Burns has taken us on trips with Lewis & Clark and across the West...and introduced us to the lesser-known sides of Mark Twain and Frank Lloyd Wright.

This Sunday, "The War" will premiere on CPTV. It will prove a special challenge - not only because of the scope of the global war, but because of it's familiarity through film, television and history books. The film has also proved controversial...prompting protests from Hispanic groups who feel their story has not been accurately represented.

Today on Where We Live - we'll talk with Ken Burns about "The War".. And, we'll talk with an historian who's been critical of Burns' exclusion of Latino voices...something PBS now says it will remedy.