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Joseph Visconti
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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A look at the Republican challenger in the 1st Congressional District


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Joseph Visconti, Congressional CandidateJoseph Visconti, Congressional CandidateHe's a businessman, a town councilman, a songwriter, and now, he's running for Congress. His Name is Joe Visconti, and as we continue our conversations with candidates for top office in the state, we'll give you a chance to ask questions of the Republican running in what's traditionally a safe Democratic District-the first-which serves Hartford and the surrounding region.

Joe Visconti made his name opposing the big mixed use development in West Hartford Center called Blueback Square. He lost that fight but continues on the Town Council and the Planning and Development Committee.

Today, we'll talk about Iraq, the economy, education and the issues you care about.

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Joseph Visconti for congress

Regarding the interview with Mr. Visconti it could only be in America that someone  of his nature could run for a public office,  completely pulling the wool over everyones eyes and get away with it.  This is a "business man" with questionable business practices, has business debts up to his eyeballs (not to mention, check the west hartford town property records for all the leins on his property and if you saw his credit bureau it makes wall street mess look good ) not to mention a debt to the IRS that a person of his earning capability quite frankly should have been paid. And this man is going to run for Congress to deligate how to be fiscally responsible when he cant be personally responsible and get what done?.  You have to be kidding me. He is a self centered eagotistical maniac that loves to hear himself talk and see his name in print that really doesnt care about traditional family values.  Quite frankly you should really investigate your candidates throughly before you give them air time and mislead the public.