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Congressman Joe Courtney
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Connecticut's 2nd district US Representative talks Iraq, mortgages and student financial aid


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Congressman Joe Courtney: Photo By Chion WolfCongressman Joe Courtney: Photo By Chion Wolf The 2008 Election has focused on the Presidential race for the better part of two years. But this year will also be important for control of Congress.

Today, we begin our regular series of forums with the candidates for the five House seats in Connecticut. Three of these races are thought to be on the national radar - tightly contested battles in the 2nd, 5th and 4th congressional districts.

Democratic Representative Joe Courtney is one of two freshmen in the state's delegation. His narrow win over Republican Rob Simmons thrust him into an important role: Protecting the sub base and shipbuilding industry.

But Courtney has also worked on legislation to protect the eight-mile river and to ensure access to student loans. He's also being heavily courted for his support by the Democratic presidential candidates. Courtney is an undecided superdelegate, whose vote could be important to the party.

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