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Joe Courtney
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Democratic Representative Joe Courtney's run for re-election


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With the House expected to vote on a revised bailout bill - Congressman Joe Courtney is undecided about what he'll do this time. 

Courtney was the only member of the Connecticut delegation to vote against the first "rescue" plan - that was voted down by the House.  It's been wildly unpopular with voters - but the House action this week was also wildly unpopular on Wall Street - the no vote sent the markets plunging.  

Now, the Senate has passed a new version, which includes more than 150 billion dollars in tax breaks - largely meant to appease the Republicans who voted against it....has it changed enough to change Joe Courtney's mind?

Today, Where We Live, we'll continue our series of conversations with candidates for Congress in the state - and we'll welcome back Joe Courtney.  We'll talk to him about the bailout plan - and what it means for his 2nd Congressional district, as he runs for re-election against Republican Sean Sullivan.

Join the conversation with Congressman Joe Courtney. Add suggestions, questions and comments below.

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I take issue with Joe Courtney and many other politicians that talk about renegotiating the purchase price of homes.  This is why: First of all, home prices are still high by historic standards.  They may have fallen in CT recently, but compared to 2001 I believe they are up nearly 80%.  Now, if we allow the principle loan amount of these people who overbought homes this will end up prolonging the housing price bubble.  The bubble may be deflating, but the median cost of a home in CT is still higher than the median household can afford. It's unfair for renters like me to sit and watch irresponsible borrowers get a free pass why my family has suffered through rent for the last 5 years. Where's our incentive to purchase a STILL overpriced home?

By the way I am a registered Democrat.

Dan Small

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Thank you for voting against this plan the first time around.   We are being railroaded by a sense of urgency as we were before the Iraq war.  I feel that for a plan of this magnitude a careful, well crafted bill is more important than a bill in three days.  How can we who support a “NO” vote get people to understand that we Know a bill must be passed but we want it  to be crafted with the best interest of the people in mind?

Robin Franklin
Gales Ferry, CT

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I have three nephews in college, and one heading there next year. Higher
education seems to be twindling for the middle class and with the
bailout. With the bailout, I fear the financial help these young people
need to accomplish their life's goals is going to the wayside. The
Congressman sits on the Education committee. Could he elaborate on any
progress in this area?

Belinda Jones