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Jim Himes
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Jim Himes at Fairfield University


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The meltdown in the credit markets that prompted the massive bailout in Washington is, of course, a huge story everywhere in America. But it might be the biggest story in the 4th Congressional district.

Fairfield county is home to thousands of residents who work in the financial sector – many of whom have taken a big hit with the current crisis.

In the middle of this, Jim Himes is running against incumbent Chris Shays – a congressman who has been both praised and panned for his flexibility on key issues.

Himes is running close to Shays, both in voter support and money raised – and today, Where We Live, we’ll give you a chance to ask him questions.

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I enjoyed your program this morning.  Isn't the main point being proffered that we have had and continue to have no vision for the USA Economy?  Wasn't the old vision the myth that if you arrive in the USA, either through immigration or by being born here, and work hard you will achieve success?  The USA was a land of "opportunity."   If we had an up to date
economic vision we could then allocate the right amount of resource to activities supporting this vision (i.e. the right sort of education for jobs of the future, the right tax policies, the right healthcare strategies, the right foreign policy strategies?).


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Mr. Himes,
Your opponent Chris Shays a couple of years ago voted for a bill that made
it much more difficult for Americans declaring bankruptcy to start over, even
though more than half of all personal bankruptcies result from overwhelming
medical expenses.  He's also serving as co-chair of John McCain's campaign in
Connecticut, and McCain wants to tax company-provided health insurance and
sharply reduce government support for Medicare and Medicare. 
Could you tell us if you support revising that draconian bankruptcy law,
and do you believe that Barack Obama's health insurance plan can and should be
implemented during this economic and financial crisis?
Sean in Greenwich

email to [email protected]

In laying blame for the financial crisis at the feet of Republicans for de-regulation, does Mr. Himes absolve from all responsibility the Democrat party which pushed to get low-income families into homes regardless of credit worthiness, in the classic Democrat ideal of redistribution of wealth?

Claudia, Stamford

email to [email protected]

Chris Shays' has long supported social security privatization; on August
13, Shays said: "Having people invest in their country is a better way to get a
return on your investment than treasury bills that are invested in the Social
Security fund."  As recently as July, Shays asserted that the markets provided
the safest place for people to have their Social Security retirement
Given 12 years on Wall Street and subsequent experience with Enterprise
Community Partners (where he has been involved in financing the construction of
thousands of affordable housing units in the Northeast), I would like to hear
what Jim Himes proposes to do in Congress that would protect both senior
citizens and those whose resources limit their ability to secure decent
Ann Galloway

Q:Your opponent told me that

Q:Your opponent told me that all the Bridgeport
school kids need do is "to work harder."  What do you think will help
Bridgeport's inner city kids do well in school?

Dorothy Blaustein, retired Bridgeport elementary
school teacher