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It's a Green Party!
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Green Party Candidates from all five congressional districts in studio today.


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The Green Party is running a full slate of candidates for Congress in Connecticut this year.  they hope to have an impact on the issues being discussed. The party of environmental conservation and social justice has been making inroads in the state, especially on the municipal level, for years.

Today, a chance for you to hear from green party cong candidates and ask them questions.  Join the conversation! Leave questions and comments below.

See more pictures of the Green Party candidates on WNPR's Flickr Site.


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Green Party thoughts

Thank John for today's show. 

I never considered that the Green Party was America's conceit to Communism and the Socialist ideal.

Spread the wealth so that everyone has 40K per year indeed.

The idea of some type of "sales tax" on the banking industry was a very insightful idea, now is the time to act as we have the ability to obtain ground support for punitive measures against the industry that has run amuck.