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Innocent Until Proven Guilty?
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Three more prisoners have been released from the prison at Guantanemo Bay in Cuba


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When the US Supreme Court ruled in June that prisoners in the military prison have the right to challenge their detention in federal court, it was seen as a blow to the Bush administration's policies after 9/11.

Calling them "enemy combatants" in the war on terror - the administration has held hundreds of foreigners at the camp, many without any specific charges against them.

The first high profile war crimes trial to come out of Guantanemo - that of Salim Hamdan - resulted in a short prison sentence, and no real legal clarity moving forward.

Today, Where We Live, an update on Guantenemo, and the US plan for prisoners there. Join the conversation! Add your suggestions, questions and comments below.

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Innocent until proven

Innocent until proven guilty? Yes, or no, or maybe.... Even in America, people who are clearly guilty are released by the justice system to continue threatening public safety for the simple fact that there isn't enough evidence to prove they're guilty.

On a battlefield in the middle east, while getting shot at by insurgents that have RPG's, PKM machine guns, and AK-47's... Sorry, but that's not the time to stop and try to collect evidence on someone. They get taken into custody and held in prison. Do we have evidence to hold them? Maybe not physical evidence that can be carried into a courthouse... but the people that died in some worthless country, while trying to make the lives of the people there a little better might have been able to bring some evidence in for you. Since they aren't alive to bring that evidence forth... ignorant bleeding heart civil rights leaders that have never been to these countries to see what they're really like are forming the "justice systems" that will free the very people that would love nothing more than to kill them... The problem is, the people screaming for civil rights aren't the ones in dangers' way.

Too bad there isn't a draft.

Maybe then some of the people that have no idea what true service to your country is would get a reality check. Wake up people, we are at war. The detainees at Bagram aren't petty thieves, they are in prison for a reason. That's where they need to stay.

So... innocent until proven guilty? NO.