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Hip Hop in Hartford
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Can Hip Hop music be part of a positive social change?


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Zee Santiago, co-organizer of the Trinity International Hip Hop FestivalZee Santiago, co-organizer of the Trinity International Hip Hop FestivalArguably, no music has changed culture more than hip-hop. The sound of block parties and urban youth became a phenomenon that took over white suburbia...and the whole world. What came with the rapid-fire rhymes, complex beats and technological virtuosity was a fear that hip-hop culture was getting out of control. Glorification of guns, drugs, and the objectification of women put gangsta rap on the hit list of many social critics. But hip hop has always been about more than self-promotion and a tough guy image - it's also a force for social change.

Today, where we live, a look at hip hop's role in our culture - as we get ready for the annual Trinity International Hip Hop Festival.

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