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Healthcare Around the World
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Four in five Americans say the U.S. healthcare system needs "fundamental" change


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TR Teid, FRONTLINE CorrespondentTR Teid, FRONTLINE Correspondent
Michael Moore's documentary Sicko famously went to Cuba in search of a healthcare system that, he suggests, works better than that in the US. But comparing the richest country in the world to that of a small, dysfunctional island is not exactly apples to apples.

So, Washington Post correspondent T.R. Reid went on a mission to find healthcare systems that work in countries like the US that are prosperous and growing. In a new documentary from Frontline called "Sick around the world" - Reid goes to the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Taiwan to find out how these countries are delivering higher quality care, for less money.

He finds that each of these model nations does things a bit differently, and not all of them throw out the idea of private insurance and market incentives.

Today, where we live, a conversation about healthcare around the world with TR Reid, and with law professor Richard Epstein, who argues we don't have a fundamental right to healthcare.

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Healthcare around the wolrd

Great Job!!!
Lets keep spreading the word. We have to make it clear, The American Health System has to change. We need more of this!
Thanks you so much,

TR Reid, Sick Around the World

A wonderful program - very informative and should be shown on a regular basis until everyone has seen it.
Please send a copy to all elected offials by link. This is must see TV.
I'm looking forward to watching a rerun to catch addi'l information.
Thank you,