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Hartford Superintendent
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Hartford's Public School system educates students from one of the nation's poorest cities


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Hartford School Superintendent Steven Adamowski: Photo by Derek LartaudHartford School Superintendent Steven Adamowski: Photo by Derek LartaudPlaintiffs in the Sheff vs. O’Neill case are once again negotiating with Connecticut officials on ways to reduce the racial isolation of Hartford’s schoolchildren.

As these negotiations continue, with an aim toward solving some of the district's long-standing problems, a new Superintendent is working toward making some other changes.

Steven Adamowski heads up a school district that serves one of the poorest cities in the country, and has seen it's share of changes over the years. From state takeovers, to failed bids with privatization, to ambitious administrators whose short tenures left behind the shells of ideas started, but never finished.

Today, where we live, superintendent Adamowski talks with us about his vision for Hartford Public Schools, and the city's role in educating children from around the region. We'll discuss magnet schools, redesigned programs at existing schools, No Child Left Behind - and the future of public education in Connecticut.

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