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GOP Convention Check-In
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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We'll talk to Republican analysts about the GOP convention in St. Paul


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Hurricane Gustave delayed the real start of the Republican National Convention - today, as it gets underway, we talk politics and the RNC.

We were hoping to break down Joe Lieberman's speech to the convention - along with those of Vice President Dick Cheney, and President George W. Bush. But, fearing that a night of politics might be seen as bad form as yet another hurricane comes ashore in the Gulf, the event in St. Paul was scaled back.

Tonight - presumptive nominee John McCain gets things back on track, as he hopes to reclaim the spotlight, given over to the Democrats in Denver last week.

Today, Where We Live, we'll finish our series of convention conversations with a talk about the RNC. Larry Cohen, Hartford Courant columnist joins us, and we'll hear from state Party Chairman Chris Healy in Minnesota...and there's plenty to talk about:

Including Sarah Palin as McCain's Vice Presidential choice, and what it signals about social issues creeping back into the campaign.

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I do not support John McCain

I do not support John McCain.

1. John McCain has continually supported the war in Iraq, and says that if we pull out of Iraq, we will "lose the war". Is Senator McCain referring to the "War on Terror"? I believe there will always be terrorists, both foreign and domestic. Why should America believe that this current situation in Iraq is the final battle against terrorism?
I support diplomacy. Just because someone else has tried diplomacy without success, does not mean we should give up on it. I support diplomacy in a way that we know what the issue is for all sides.

2. Senator McCain emphasizes drilling for oil off America's coast is the solution to America's energy situation. I disagree. Competition is the major price control we have in our economy. The government should provide incentives for alternative energy sources. This is what we should be in a hurry for. Environmental damage will last much longer than any benefit that oil can provide.
I tend to think that Senator McCain has some personal interest in oil exploration.

3. I think that Senator McCain is a hero in terms of his experiences in wartime, yes. However. These experiences do not make him an automatically qualified Presidential candidate. Does Senator McCain mean to infer that all P.O.W's would make good Presidents?

4. The speeches at the Republican convention were well written. I listened to them on the radio, and noticed something. The audience was not cheering when the reader made a pause. Then the reader would continue, and the audience would all of a sudden catch on, like "Oh, we were supposed to cheer at that remark."

If we lived in a dictatorship, then I might believe that Senator McCain would be able to "fix Washington." There is no one day fix, or even one year fix. I would like to know why Senator John McCain thinks he will do better than President Bush.

I think the Republican Party is in trouble in terms of what exactly they stand for as a group. Senator McCain has been in this party for a long time, as a Maverick. Why did he get so much support? He has been a big part of the party that he is complaining about. This has got to be tricky for him.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards,

John Lewis
Aurora, Illinois

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Dear Where We Live,
Thank you for your interview of Chris Healy. As he spoke, I recalled why I left the Republican Party. His bitter anger and tendency to distorted talking points were sad reminders that the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight D. Eisenhower lost it's way under Ronald Reagan. President Reagan relied on divisions to gain power. Today's Republican Party unfortunately relies on his formula.
The test of John McCain begins tonight with the acceptance speech of Sarah Palin. Will she adhere to the mix of truth and distortions we've cometo expect during the Bush 2 presidency or signal a new direction in the McCain Campaign? The McCain Campaign of the summer months and the speeches at the Republican Convention leave little cause for hope.
Gordon Adams

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I can't believe your most Chris Heeley's (sp?) ridiculous assertations concerning both Barack Obama and Sarah Pallin. Ms. Pallin may well be qualified, but choosing her is in direct contrast to the Republican message of "Obama has no experience". Being a governor of Alaska for 18 months is not a greater qualification than being a US Senator for 2 years. To refer to all of Senator Obama's experience as "attending cocktail parties" degrades the Senator's record while being factually inaccurate. I'd be very interested to hear a rebuttal from the Democrats here.

Joshua Tanner in Hartford

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I am a regular listener to your show. I am having great difficulty in continuing to do so this a.m. Hearing Mr. Cohen's voice confirms my impression about him from his newspaper columns. I think he has made at least 5 offensive comments already and the show is barely half over! Chris Healey continues the bloviating that I heard when he last (hopefully) guest hosted Colin McEnroe's WTIC show.

I continue to shake my head at the hypocrisy shown by Republicans/Conservatives. I am no longer surprised. To quote Elvis Costello - "I used to be disgusted; now I'm just amused." Unfortunately, U.S. politics and its/their effect on the world is tragic, not a laughing matter.

Donna E. MacDonell
Thomaston, CT

I would like to hear a

I would like to hear a comment about teen pregancy and the issue of race. Being a Latino girl, I feel like blacks and latinos have been critized all the time for having the highest rates of teen pregancies. I think it will be a good moment for Sahra Pailn to address this issue and show that this is a general problem not a race problem. I would like to hear what she thinks about this problem, not just to address her personal problem as a loving parent, that is sweet, but if she is elected as VP, she will not longer be just a mother, she will become a public servant, that should have plans to address this problem.

Fox intern

The young woman interviewed from the RNC was introduced as a journalism student serving an internship with Fox News. She obviously is NOT a journalist because journalists do not promote political views ... they report FACTS. I wish someone had mentioned that after she spoke.