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The good and bad of video games
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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The good and bad of video games.


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Quinnipiac University professor, Greg GarveyQuinnipiac University professor, Greg GarveyAs video games get more and more like real the real world and more of our real lives are spent in a virtual world, when and where do the two worlds meet?

In some households, video games have taken over. Kids on the couch, playing sometimes violent games for endless hours. College students, hunkered down--not over textbooks--but over laptops, engrossed in "virtual worlds." Since the early 1980s, games have been a huge part of the culture and as they get more and more realistic, they've begun to create a culture of their own.

But what does it all mean for our lives in the real world? Is video game addiction a myth or is it a looming problem? How about the violence that many video games revel in? Does it cause a threat to flesh and bone?

Today, on Where We Live, we'll talk with Greg Garvey, a Computer Game expert, about the merging of fantasy and reality in the video game world and we'll also explore some games that might actually help you get off the couch and exercise.

Check out our video and photos of John and Ray playing Dance Dance Revolution and Wii Boxing. WNPR's John Dankosky and Ray Hardman put Wii Boxing through its pacesWNPR's John Dankosky and Ray Hardman put Wii Boxing through its paces

Also, check out this link of a practiced DDR player dancing to the same song, Boom Boom Dollar.

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