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Globalization: Pros and Cons
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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A new book by Nayan Chanda presents a comprehensive history of globalization.


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Xiangming Chen, Director of the Center for Urban and Global Studies.Xiangming Chen, Director of the Center for Urban and Global Studies.Globalization means different things to different people...but to many, it's a dirty word. It means out-sourced jobs, poor working conditions, and rampant pollution....it means overflowing immigration, a loss of cultural identity, a nightmare for food producers.


But it's also as old as time. Today, where we live, we'll explore what globalization really means...and we'd lilke you to join the conversation. Our panel of experts will take your questions and field your calls...how does globalism affect your life?

We'll also talk about Trinity College's new Center for Urban and Global Studies.Giulio Gallorotti, Wesleyan Associate of Government.Giulio Gallorotti, Wesleyan Associate of Government.

Globalization is not a word everyone is fond of. But humans have been at it for thousands of years. Today on Where We Live, we'll break down the history of globalization and talk to those affected today.

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