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Free Healthcare
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Malta House of Care Mobile VehicleMalta House of Care Mobile Vehicle47 million Americans have no health insurance. Millions more Americans are underinsured, unable to pay their medical and dental bills.

For this enormous group of Americans, free clinics are often the only place where they can get the care they need. These clinics can help keep people out of the emergency room and provide the basic preventive care that keeps them healthy. Today on Where We Live, we'll talk about several free clinics, how they work, and who they help.

We'll talk with Stan Brock, founder of the successful Remote Area Medical program designed to help people get medical services in third world countries, but now helping Americans in record numbers.

We'll also look into programs providing free medical and dental care in Connecticut.

Are programs like this the solution to our health care crisis? Or, are they just band-aids covering up a problem we don't want to address? 

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