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Food Allergies
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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For the parent of a child with severe food allergies, the world can be a dangerous place


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Pediatrician Dr. James Rosen: Photo by Derek LartaudPediatrician Dr. James Rosen: Photo by Derek LartaudSome
12 million people suffer from food allergies. They face the
possiblility of a reaction to common food items like peanuts, eggs, or
fish. This is true of those foods not just in their raw form but also
as additives or components to nearly every processed snack found in
school lunch boxes around America.

So, with these dangers everywhere, how do childrens with food allergies
cope? And how should parents and schools react? Is it going too far to
create "peanut free zones?" And, does it seem like these allergies are
more common than ever before?

Winnie Schauer: Photo by Derek LartaudWinnie Schauer: Photo by Derek Lartaud
Today, a conversation about food allergies with Pediatrician Dr. James
Rosen. We'll answer your questions and meet a seventh grader whose life
is affected by allergies.

You can contact us via email at [email protected].

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