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Curry on the Economy
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Washington battles over a bailout plan - as the candidates hold their first debate


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President Bush is calling on congress to act quickly to pass a 700 billion dollar plan meant to rescue the financial industry.  The bailout has been called vital to an economy teetering on collapse - but it's been widely panned by Americans getting ready to vote in November - many see it as a handout to the financial industry that got the country into the mess in the first place.

So, that makes it hard for congress to get behind the plan - as they face these same voters in a re-election year.  Meanwhile, the presidential candidates are having a hard time explaining their take on the current crisis - and what can be done to bolster confidence.

Today - Where We Live - as these big news stories collide - we'll welcome in our political analyst bill curry to talk about the economy, the wallstreet rescue plan, and the presidential race - and we'd like you to join the conversation.

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Please, stop saying that the people "do not understand" this bailout. We understand it and know it for what it is: A TRAINWRECK. A combination of cronyism, graft, and incompetence sold to us with fear under the auspices of PANIC. We are ALL a little tired of THAT pitch by now.

WE do not want it, and if our congress votes for it, we will come at them with torches and pitchforks. If there was ANYTHING that could actually bridge the huge partisan divide in the country, it is this issue...there will be BIPARTISAN TAR AND FEATHERING if this bailout occurs.

I personally PUBLICLY PLEDGE that I will run for a federal position in my district against ANY INCUMBENT of EITHER PARTY that votes for this bailout.


Paul Niznik


I watched the debate and found it very interesting that Obama was very positive in his approaches and body language, while John McCain was stilted and rigid; if not out and out negative, to say the least he was not as positive in his appearance.

Also it seemed that as Obama began to make headway, McCain seemed to fall back on his past as a way to validate himself.  He did not however validate his future, at least not with me. 

I for one have become tired of hearing about his past and what he did, especially when his past includes many of the chickens that have come to roost in recent days with the stock market and the economy. 

Also while Obama spoke about concrete things such as reform for health care for our troops, and addressing the treatment returning vets have endured.  McCain simply said "they know I will take care of them".  WHAT IS HE GOING TO DO, INVITE THEM ALL OVER TO HIS HOUSE.  Where were the specifics?  His sincerity seemed too staged, to pat.  The puppy dog eyes and the plea to believe me...I'm a good guy; didn't sell with me.  I come from a military family, and although I do not have anyone presently serving, I seriously doubt McCains motivates for keeping us there. 

In my opinion, as a former POW McCain sent a lot of years in Vietnam and I can not begin to imagine his treatment, then to come home to a country that (in his eyes) surrendered by not "winning" the war; he probably felt as though his sacrifice was in vain. So now he feels he must "WIN" this one to vindicate himself and his captivity.  As I said just my opinion.  What do you think?

I did not start out as an Obama supporter and I still don't think he is the best candidate, but John McCain has proven to me that he is the WRONG candidate.  He talks in vague terms, his judgement in his selection of running mate is questionable (as a woman I am offended by her, you can't tell me there isn't a better qualified woman out there if he wanted a female on the ticket, what about  Gov Rell).  That woman is an abomination and will set women back 100 years in the evolutionary chain.  I started out a McCain supporter but frankly this new version of McCain scares me. 

 I score this one for Obama.  Let's see how the V.P.s fair next week.

Gail from CT.