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Financial Markets Bailout
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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What's happening on Wall Street?


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Over the weekend, the Bush administration - the Treasury Department and lawmakers started work on the massive 700 billion dollar bailout of wallstreet - meant to get a handle on a looming economic crisis.  Because it's really unprecedented - we wanted to give you a chance to ask questions of an expert - so, what do you want to know about where your tax money's being spent?  Do you think it'll help?

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bailout show- Monday 9/22

I don't work in finance or banking, I work in health care. I am amazed at this discussion of "socializing" loss and throwing billions at the banking industry- not exactly known for its philanthropy. No such energy, enthusiasm and resources to mend the health care/insurance system which is just as broken with much more painful consequences. If this deal (which is what it is) doesn't include LARGE PERSONAL contributions by the people who have gotten rich off  brokering investments of the past few decades- we will have been had and will have thrown out our last shred of ethics. Forget capping or limiting severance deals - these guys should be selling bouses, cashing in 401K's- HURTING - to earn the kind of rescue that is being proposed. I have clients who lose their homes because they are unfortunate enought to get sick and require long term care- they didn't take any wild risks, or screw anyone- they just got sick. SOME JUSTICE PLEASE