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Filmmaking "Y Nada Mas"
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Can Connecticut become "Hollywood East?"


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Filmmaker Justin Liberman: Photo by Cecilia SmithFilmmaker Justin Liberman: Photo by Cecilia SmithSo everyone's got a great movie idea - but never before has it been more within our grasp. Tiny digital cameras and cheap laptop editing programs mean that every college dorm and suburban bedroom could be hiding the next Stanely Kubrick.

But does it take more than a great idea and some fancy equipment to be a filmmaker?

Today, where we live, we're going to talk about Project Green Street: An emerging filmmaker's symposium at Weslyean University's Green Street Arts Center. We'll talk about the changing industry, and what it takes to make movies. We'll also consider whether Connecticut can become the next big movie hub. Tax credits make it more likely that movies will be shot on our streets, but do we have the infrastructure to become Hollywood east?

Are you a filmmaker? Are you part of the movie industry? Join the conversation! Add your suggestions, questions and comments below.

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I just tuned in for the segment on the film industry in Connecticut. I was really struck by how little air time you devoted to your "Emmy award-winning" female filmmaker guest and how much time was devoted to the male filmmaker. I would have liked to have heard what the female director does, what projects she has done and is currently doing. But she wasn't asked any of these questions; all the "doing" questions were left to the man. As a veteran tv and film producer and entertainment attorney, I expect this kind of glass ceiling mentality from Hollywood; but I really would have expected better balance from NPR.

Z. Benton