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Fairfield County Housing
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Is Greenwich affected by the housing crisis?


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Dr. Kurt Schlichting: photo by Jean SantopatreDr. Kurt Schlichting: photo by Jean SantopatreThe bad economy has hit cities, suburbs and rural areas equally hard - but what about the places where growth and prosperity are the norm?  Places like Fairfield County?   

Today, we'll talk about the economic state of Connecticut's Gold Coast - and how it's holding up against the rising tide of foreclosures, debt and market uncertainty. 

Nick Paumgarten of The New Yorker wrote a piece for the August 25th issue about the housing market in Greenwich, and troubles there finding a buyer for a 28 million dollar spec house.

Also, we'll hear from UConn's Steven Lanza - He's in Fairfield county today, rolling out information on the region from their "Connecticut Economy" quarterly review.

And, Fairfield University's Kurt Schlichting, with a new study on affordable housing along the "Gold Coast."

We'd like you to join the conversation - how has the economic downturn hit you in Fairfield County?  What effect does that have on the rest of the state?

Join the conversation! Add your suggestions, questions or comments below.

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