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Examining the Charter Oak Health Plan
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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The Charter Oak Plan would target nearly 20,000 currently uninsured people.


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Mike Starkowski Commissioner of the Department of Social Services: Photo by George GoodrichMike Starkowski Commissioner of the Department of Social Services: Photo by George GoodrichGovernor Jodi Rell's Charter Oak Health plan is touted as a way to provide health insurance to thousands of Connecticut residents currently uninsured.

It's introduction came during a political season when Democrats were pushing toward a plan to open up the state employee health insurance plan to more residents - Rell eventually vetoed that legislation, and planned to launch her own Charter Oak plan on August first. It would target nearly 20,000 people, currently uninsured, who make too much for the state Husky plan, but don't have private insurance.

But critics said the network of providers wasn't ready, with only a fraction of the hospitals and doctors needed to provide care. Some care providers say it'll be too costly to take on Charter Oak patients - legislative critics worry about the cost to the state.

Today, Where We Live, Mike Starkowski Commissioner of the Department of Social Services will explain the Charter Oak program. We'll hear from State Senator Johnathan Harris, a critic of the plan, and we'll talk about what it means for the state.

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Mark- There are exceptions

There are exceptions to the six-month rule; if you go to the C.O.Plan website, you can find a phone number you can call and explain why you need insurance now even though you haven't been without it for six months. They'll usually give it to you. Good luck.

email to [email protected]

My scenario:

I'm recently unemployed and am starting a small business because the job market is so slow
I was denied individual insurance for health reasons
I am ineligible for group insurance because I have no employees
I now have to be uninsured for 6 months before I can access the Charter Oak Haelth Plan

How is that beneficial to my health and overall, to a health pan which will now be picking up someone who has been uninsured fro 6 months?

Mark from Columbia