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Does your employer monitor your emails?


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Mike Song, author of The Hamster Revolution: Photo by Kaitlin MeehanMike Song, author of The Hamster Revolution: Photo by Kaitlin MeehanIf it takes a couple minutes to process every email you get, and you get dozens of emails a day, do you realize how much time you're spending just on email?

Before I began writing this today, I spent a few minutes checking my email, my work email, and then my two home accounts. The combined inbox total? Some 4,500 emails, most of which I don't need, didn't ask for, and might not read.

Email expert Mike Song says that 50 emails a day could add up to 50 lost days of productivity on the job. Now sure, a lot of emails are important, but what about all that spam, those funny links, the endless "thank you's" and "please replys."

Today where we live, we're going to crack into the inbox, and take a hard look at email...not just how to keep it from taking over your life, but also tips on etiquette, and strategies for better productivity.

And, we'll look at the legal aspects of this digital paper trail - what should you never send in an email? And, if you think the boss might be reading your email, she probably is.

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email to [email protected]

As an IT professional, here are a few strategies that I recommend:

1) Setting up Rules inside out Outlook (or whatever email program is being used) – this allows for mail to be placed into individual folders by whatever criteria a user wants (such as by subject line, by senders, by dates, etc)

2) Using a touch-it-once method, where once an email is opened inside of the Inbox, it’s immediately moved into a different folder

Great program today!

James Fazzone