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Where We Live Election Night Special
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Join John Dankosky, Bill Curry and Dean Pagani for analysis of the 2008 elections


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More than 2-million people have registered to vote in Connecticut alone.  Many polling places are overflowing, and this is in a state where the Presidential race isn't even seen as all that important by the campaigns.

It's an historic night, and tonight, Where We Live, we'll be bringing you the sounds of the history from around the state and the nation.

Dean Pagani and Bill Curry showing their bipartisan sideOur political anaylsts - Bill Curry and Dean Pagani are here.

We'll be checking in with our reporters all over connecticut - especially in the very tight race for the 4th congressional district between chris shays and jim himes.

And, we want to talk to you. Join the conversation about this historic Presidential election.  Add your suggetions, questions and comments below.


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Where We Live Election Special, Hour Two

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