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Eighth Blackbird
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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The Washington Post says the group has a "slightly geeky spirit of earnestness"


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Chamber Music Ensemble Eighth BlackBirdChamber Music Ensemble Eighth BlackBird

In the more traditional style, symphonies, chamber ensembles, soloists and vocalists devote themselves to interpreting the music of past centuries. Audiences for "classical" music, like Bach and Beethoven has a devoted following - that is, by all estimates shrinking. Meanwhile, there's another strain - that celebrates the music of living composers - and embraces the visual style, technology and volume level of rock 'n roll. Groups like The Kronos Quartet, and the Bang on a Can all-stars have taken modern chamber music to audiences worldwide.

The ensemble 8th Blackbird has taken up this cause - and is causing a stir. Their CD Strange Imaginary Animals won this year's grammy for Best Chamber Music Performance.
Today, Where We Live, we talk with Tim Munro, Flute Player of 8th Blackbird.

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