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DNC: Obama Speaks
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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It's a DNC convention wrap-up


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One down, one to go. Senator Barack Obama accepted the Democratic Party's nomination to be President last night - next week, John McCain takes the stage.

Obama's historic speech was made before a football stadium full of suppporters, and a Prime-Time audience - on the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have a dream" speech. But Obama only made a passing reference to Dr. King - focusing on sharp criticism of Senator McCain and the Republican Party - and presenting a rebuttal of charges made against him.

Today, Where We Live, Political analyst Renny Fulco from Trinity College joins us to talk about the speech, and it's impact on the race. And, we'll look ahead to next week's Republican convention.

We'd like you to join us to talk politics - whether you're a Democrat or a Republican, independent or undecided, join the conversation.

Did Barack Obama make his case to be President? What case does John McCain have to make next week in St. Paul? And, what do you want to hear from the candidates as we head toward November? Add your suggestions, questions and comments below.

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I’ve watched this convention on PBS all week and listened to the various concerns about what Hillary supporters would do, would Bill’s behavior be a problem, that the first night was “soft” and the party didn’t come out swinging, could he pull it off – YES HE DID! -with the intelligence, well thought out plans and grace in delivery his supporters except from him. His campaign has shown itself a model of incredible discipline and good planning. This convention was brilliantly organized and implemented. It built slowly and deliberately leading to a phenomenal crescendo. It was done in much the same way Obama writes. (For your previous caller – that’s where he made much of his money –through his 2 books). This man has the intelligence, temperament, discipline, presence and ability necessary to be president. He surrounds himself with great people – look at his choice of wife—and listens to their counsel. If you are his supporter you have to be delighted, if you are a person who was on the fence hopefully you are reassured and if you are a hard core supporter of the current version of the republican party then you should be very concerned.

Sandy from Glastonbury

Obama and the Triumph of the Will Not

John McCain just knocked it out of the park with his VP pick.

Why is the media pretending that this display at the Obamacropolis was anything but ridiculous? It's like Leni Riefenstahl channeled through Britney Spears! Scary and stupid at the same time.

Why is the Democratic Candidate pro-death penalty for non-murderers, anti-gun control, not very pro-choice if the choice is left to the woman, running around with an evangelical preacher who thinks gay people can be "cured," voting in favor of 4th amendment violations (FISA), etc? Is he a Democrat?

I will sit out this presidential election. I do not have to vote for a Democrat who mimics a Republican. The speech was pandering and disjointed, but the pageantry was superb. Lighting courtesy of Albert Speer's ghost.

It's not about Hillary and Bill. This is about Obama. Goodbye Democrats after 32 years of voting for you.