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DEP Commissioner Gina McCarthy
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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The DEP has a lot on its plate, but some say it needs more money to get the job done


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DEP Commissioner Gina McCarthy: Photo by Chion WolfDEP Commissioner Gina McCarthy: Photo by Chion WolfImagine being responsible for everything from the life guard at the state park to the rogue black bear pawing through garbage to the raw sewage that’s dumped into the Connecticut River. These are just a few of the things the Department of Environmental Protection juggles every day. Connecticut spends less per capita than many of its neighbors do on the environment. We spend about ten bucks a person. Rhode Island? It spends more than three times that amount. Connecticut’s DEP tries to work efficiently with what it has, but admits it’s not efficient at everything. What should the agency prioritize? Enforcing the laws? Or staffing the parks?
Preserving the lobsters? Or eradicating the invasives? Protecting the environment in an economy that’s faltering.

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