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The Democrats Convene
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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The Democratic National Convention concludes tonight in Denver, with an anticipated speech from the party's candidate - Barack Obama.

Obama's speech is expected to be a high point for a convention, filled with all sorts of drama - both manufactured and real. From Ted Kennedy's rousing opening act, to Hillary Clinton's important endorsement, to Joe Biden's acceptance of the Vice Presidential nomination - WNPR analyst Bill Curry has been following along.

He's writing his column for the Hartford Courant all week long from Denver - covering the event as a Democrat who's been both deeply inside party politics - and sharply critical of it's policies.

Today, where we live, Bill Curry joins us to talk about the Democratic convention - and preview next week's GOP convention in St. Paul - and we'd like you to join the conversation:

What have you heard this week? What do you want to hear from Barack Obama tonight?

Join the conversation! Add your suggestions, questions and comments below.


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