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The Death of Capital Punishment?
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Should we abolish the death penalty in Connecticut?


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John Connelly, Waterbury State Attorney: Photo By Chion WolfJohn Connelly, Waterbury State Attorney: Photo By Chion WolfA debate is brewing over how Connecticut decides who is sentenced to death.

Recently, seven inmates on Connecticut's death row won the right to challenge their sentences, based on a study that found disparities in how the death penalty is administered.

Connecticut is one of 2 states in New England that still has a death penalty. New Hampshire is the other—but recently that state has created a commission to study the process including whether the death penalty actually deters crime.

Connecticut lawmakers haven’t taken up the issue of whether to have the death penalty since the execution of serial killer, Michael Ross in 2005 but a recent ruling by Superior Court judge Stanley Fuger may change that.

Fuger says seven death row inmates who want their death sentences overturned to life imprisonment have the right to move forward on their suit which alleges racial and geographic bias in the state’s death penalty.

Helen Williams, Member of Survivors of Homicide: Photo By Chion WolfHelen Williams, Member of Survivors of Homicide: Photo By Chion WolfJoining us from Yale University’s studio is Law Professor John Donahue who authored the study that is the basis for the inmates’ claims.

We’ll also speak with Waterbury State Attorney John Connelly about why Connecticut sentences people to death row

We’ll hear from death penalty advocates and opponents and talk with a New Jersey lawmaker about his state’s recent decision to abolish capital punishment


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