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Curry's Analysis of the Presidential Race
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Our Democratic Analyst joins us for a look at presidential politics


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Democratic political analyst, Bill Curry: Photo by Kayla WiecheDemocratic political analyst, Bill Curry: Photo by Kayla WiecheNow, we have the two major party candidates set,but we still have months to go before the November elections. Now, we'll start talking about the issues...right?

In keeping with the themes of the last several months, the news this week from the presidential race has centered on
But what about the big issues we hoped to hear about? The environment, as John McCain starts to make his case to independent voters. The war in Iraq, as security in that country improves, but the war continues as wildly unpopular.

John McCain and Barack Obama have positioned themselves as being outside - or above - the normal political fray. So, what's the big story this week? A controversy over two women wearing headscarves who were kept out of a Barak Obama photo-op.

And what are the issues not being addressed at all?

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I listened in today to Democratic political analyst, Bill Curry, talk  about issues in the election campaign.

I believe that I heard him say that, "John McCain will destroy this  country". Does anyone really think that? Curry doesn't sound like much  of an analyst to me.

And Curry's ideas about energy are strange. How can we expect other  countries to supply us oil if we don't make more efforts ourselves.

And as for wind and solar, they will not solve the gigantic needs we have. It will have to be an all-out effort with coal and nuclear.

By the way, we live in a small non-airconditioned house and drive only one car, a Prius.


Richard Brewster