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Schools Feel the Squeeze
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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The economy is squeezing educators, and prompting some hard choices


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The cost of milk alone has gone up some $700 a day in Bridgeport schools, it's one of many districts coming to terms with higher prices.

In Bridgeport, where 90% of students get free or reduced price meals, rising food costs means a big economic hit to the district. In other towns, it means more expensive lunches for kids who can pay, putting a further strain on family budgets.

Meanwhile, food isn't the only thing getting more expensive, as schools get ready for a new year, they're looking squarely at budget increases that might not cover the costs of heat in the winter, and the cost of fuel for the buses.

Today, where we live, a conversation about the impact of higher prices on our schools what it might mean for educational programs, and steps districts are taking to conserve.

You can join the conversation - are you worried about high prices affecting your school district?

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