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From Crisis to Sustainability
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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How serious are the threats to our environment?


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The Bridge at the End of the World by James Gustave Speth: Photo by Derek LartaudThe Bridge at the End of the World by James Gustave Speth: Photo by Derek Lartaud
The opening chapters of the new book by Gus Speth are a haunting echo of
coming environmental catastrophe. The Bridge at the Edge of the World
lays out a pretty compelling case that something must be done now to correct
long-term trends that threaten the planet.

Charts in the book show the unavoidable facts of massive jumps in consumption,
habitat loss, and temperature variation over just the last few decades. And
statements like this bring the point home:

“If we continue to do exactly what we are doing, with no growth in the human
population or the world economy, the world in the latter part of this century
will be unfit to live in.”

But for many, this case has already been made. We saw"an inconvenient
truth" already! So, what now?

The subtitle hints at the answer: "Capitalism, the Environment and
Crossing from Crisis To sustainability." In it, he takes on modern
capitalism, and its need for continued, unchecked growth, as a cause of
environmental problems but also as a key to change. And how our culture of
materialism has fueled our current environmental crisis.

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