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The Cost of College
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Are you drowning in debt?


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Mark French, Dept of Higher Ed: photo by Chion WolfMark French, Dept of Higher Ed: photo by Chion WolfAbout 10% of those who get federal student loans default on those loans, and with more students needing to borrow money, more are at risk.

It's been a big week to talk about how students are paying for college.  

This week, a group of student loan providers agreed to change their marketing practices under pressure from New York's Attorney General.  He'd called their advertising "misleading."  

Meanwhile, Connecticut officials met to talk about the availability of student loans in the state.

Today, Where We Live, we'll talk about borrowing money for college - and whether there's a looming student loan crisis on the heels of the "mortgage meltdown."

We'll talk to state officials and student aid experts - and we'd like you to join the conversation: Are you drowning in student loans?  What do you wish you'd known before you borrowed for college?

Join the conversation!  Add your suggestions, questions and comments below.  


Department of Higher Education Resources:

Education & Employment Information Center 1(800)842-0229


Connecticut is part of “College Goal Sunday” where college financial aid counselors will hold sessions to help ANYONE complete their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  Our next date is Sunday, January 25. 2009. For more details, people can go to www.collegegoalsundayct.org.

Younger students and their families who are just starting to think about college will find plenty of fun and useful guidance at www.KnowHow2GOCT.org


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