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Corrupt Cops
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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A series of police scandals in New Haven has prompted a restructuring of the department


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Police corruption is not a new story - it's the subject of countless movies and TV shows.  But, what exactly is corruption - a cop who takes a bribe?  One who plants drugs on a known dealer to get a conviction?  One who take "freebies" from local storeowners?  

The city of New Haven is in the middle of a police corruption crisis - that threatens to further undermine public confidence in the department.  An FBI sting uncovered bribery and theft within the city narcotics unit.  

Lt. Billy White - a nearly 40 year fixture on the force - has already been sentenced to 38 months in prison - and today, Justen Kasperzyk faces sentencing for a theft charge - stemming from an incident where he framed an innocent man.  He says he did it out of frustration that police were losing the war on drugs in the city.

Today, where we live - a look inside the New Haven case, and what the city's doing to correct the problem - and, we'll take a look at the larger issue of police corruption.

How widespread is it?
Why does it happen?
How can it be stopped?

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