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Connecticut Votes 2008
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz joins us to talk about the November election.


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Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz says she wants to make sure that continued registration and education efforts run smoothly and contribute to an election free from the confusion and uncertainty that has marked recent presidential elections.

Today on Where We Live, she joins us to talk about what voters need to know. She'll talk about the state's efforts to prepare for the election, the thousands of Latinos joining the ranks of new Connecticut voters, and the question about the constitutional convention on the 2008 ballot.

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Email from Matt O'Connor

Thank you for addressing the
Constitutional Convention briefly on today's broadcast -- this is a very
important issue to our members in CSEA/SEIU Local 2001 because of the deceptive
campaign that's being waged by the Con-Con's proponents...

campaigners are telling voters it's about opening up the legislative process --
but what they're not telling voters is that special interests with deep pockets
will be filing endless ballot petitions and forcing taxpayer-funded elections on
their pet issues...

That's not more democracy -- that's more control by
special interests and less participation by the people. That's why our members
are urging their friends and family to vote NO on the Con-Con on November 4!

Matt O'Connor
Communications Director
CSEA/SEIU, Local 2001

Email from Listener

Does Ms. Bysiewicz have any information about
who manufactures the new voting machines to be used here in CT?

Does she have any information regarding efforts
to prevent any voting irregularities? (vote count accuracy etc)

Thank You.