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Connecticut Primary Preview
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Where We Live talks politics the day before the Connecticut primaries


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Trinity College Professor Renny Fulco: Photo by George GoodrichTrinity College Professor Renny Fulco: Photo by George Goodrich
With one day left before the Super Tuesday primary, Connecticut - and the Northeast - has become an unlikely battleground for Presidential candidates.

When Connecticut moved it's primary to become part of the 24 state extravaganza known as "Super Tuesday" - some wondered if it would make the state more relevant. It has with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama fighting for the democratic nomination on our turf. They'll both be in Connecticut today...Clinton in New Haven...Obama in Hartford. Yesterday, Republican front-runner John McCain reached out to Fairfield county voters, with his biggest supporter, Senator Joe Lieberman in tow.

Former Clinton campaigner Joshua King: Photo by George GoodrichFormer Clinton campaigner Joshua King: Photo by George Goodrich
Today, where we live, a look at the impact Connecticut is having on the race for President - and how these carefully-crafted campaigns design their events for the biggest impact. Former Clinton campaigner Joshua King talks to us about the job of the "advance man." Trinity College Professor Renny Fulco will talk about what's distinguishing the campaigns on the issues...and we'd like you to join the conversation.

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