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Connecticut Curiosities
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Around every corner in our state you're likely to find something that might make you curious


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For a state with such a rich history, it's no surprise that Connecticut has it's share of oddities, landmarks and roadside attractions. But as authors Susan Campbell and Bill Heald found out, we see things here that might surprise outsiders - who think our adulation of the nutmeg, and our claims as "The Land of Steady Habits" might make us...well, boring.

Their book, Connecticut Curiosities collects little tidbits of state lore, and points out some of it's strangest sights, from the miniature "Holy Land" atop a hill in Waterbury to a "Paul Bunyan" flagpole in Chesire, to a "Howdy Doody" Museum.

Just can't get enough of Gungywamp? Listen to a tour of the site with Gungywamp Society member William Dopirak, and see photos of the mysterious rock formations.

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