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Congressman John Larson
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Representative John Larson joins us to discuss his policies and politics


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John Larson began serving in the House in 1999 - and is now in his fifth term, representing the first congressional district.

Larson's tenure in Congress has been marked by a quick rise through the ranks of the Democratic party. He's Vice Chair of the Democratic Caucus helping to lead the agenda for the party that now controls the House.

Today, where we live, we'll continue our series of conversations with candidates for office this November and welcome back John Larson to take your questions.

We'll talk about the economy, energy policy, Iraq and the news of the day.

We'd like you to join the conversation, what questions do you have for your congressman? We'd love to hear from you, especially if you live in the First District.

Join the conversation! Add your suggestions, questions and comments below.

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Email from Jeff Lorello

I understand that right now congress or Secretary Paulsen is considering giving billions to homeowners to help out them out of foreclosure situations.  Why can't they first try and force the banks to give them better terms, for example, make their mortgage term longer, like 40-50 years - yes that's a long time, but they could still stay in their house, and the banks would not have to deal with a neglected property.