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Congressman Chris Murphy
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Congressman Chris Murphy joins us to discuss immigration, subprime mortgages, and energy.


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Congressman Chris Murphy in the Where We Live studio: Photo by Chion Wolf, WNPRCongressman Chris Murphy in the Where We Live studio: Photo by Chion Wolf, WNPRCongressman Chris Murphy has been working at a reform of the mortgage system aimed at predatory lenders. President Bush, meanwhile, announced his plan yesterday to help some people trapped in spiraling mortgage costs. Today, the Congressman joins us to talk about the role the federal government should play.

We'll also talk about immigration issues. The cities of Danbury and New Haven have attracted national attention with their very different approaches. Danbury openly works with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to identify and arrest undocumented residents. New Haven was the first city in the nation to issue municipal ID cards to its illegal residents.

A forum last night in New Haven, hosted by WNPR's Lucy Nalpathanchil, made it clear that municipalities and residents on both sides of the illegal immigration debate want some sort of action from the federal government. The panel was made up of lawmakers in Connecticut who say the federal government's inaction on immigration reform has left towns, cities, and states with no choice but to create their own policies on dealing with a growing illegal immigrant population.

Also slated for discussion is The House Energy Bill that would raise federal fuel efficiency standards and require more renewable energy. The President has vowed to veto this.

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