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Congressman Chris Murphy
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Congressman Chris Murphy joins the conversation on gas prices, home invasions and more


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In 2006, the nation was watching Connecticut to see which party would control Congress. Three closely-fought races for seats in the House of Representatives - and one historic Senate campaign - thrust our small state into the spotlight. Now, with the long Presidential campaign eating up all of the national political press, there's little attention being paid to Congressional races. But locally, we know the importance. The three close races - in the 2nd, 4th and 5th congressional districts - are still thought to be close, and the national political parties are already spending time and money in the state.

Today, we begin our series of forums with the candidates for Congress. Like we did in 2006, we're giving the incumbents of the state's five districts - and their challengers - time to answer your questions and outline their visions for their districts, and the nation.

Our guest is Chris Murphy, one of two Democratic freshmen in the state. He represents the diverse 5th Congressional district that stretches from the suburbs of New Haven, to the industrial towns of Waterbury and Torrington, to the heavily-wooded Litchfield Hills. It's a district that was represented for decades by Republican Nancy Johnson until her upset loss to Murphy in 2006. Now, he's the incumbent, and he's being challenged by a former colleague in the state senate, David Capiello.

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