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Commissioner of Higher Education
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Outgoing Higher Education Commissioner Valerie Lewis joins Where We Live


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Commissioner if Higher Education, Valerie Lewis: Photo by Ryan CassellaCommissioner if Higher Education, Valerie Lewis: Photo by Ryan CassellaConnecticut Higher Education Commissioner Valerie Lewis is stepping down today - after nearly 7 years on the job. It's been a time of change for the state's colleges.

Lewis will be replaced in March by Michael Meotti. He'll take over a system that - during Lewis' tenure - underwent enormous growth. Enrollment at state colleges and universities have more students than ever before...and competition to get into these schools is tougher. But the costs of higher education have also gone up enormously. Lewis says the state has made college affordability a priority - increasing aid to students, and also making it easier for them to move their credits inside the system.

Lewis has stressed "alignment" in education - making sure that at each level, students are getting prepared for the next step - including the workforce after college.

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