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Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Where We Live looks closely at the business of college athletics


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Walter Harrison, President of the University of Hartford: Photo by Chion WolfWalter Harrison, President of the University of Hartford: Photo by Chion WolfSince the advent of big money bowl games, national television deals and 24-hour sports networks, college athletes in division 1 football and basketball programs have been responsible for billions in revenues. But the players themselves don't get paid, except with a free education.

Meanwhile, athletes at smaller schools - or in more obscure sports - balance their academic careers with their lives on the field, with no hope of a multi-million dollar pro sports contract.

The entire process raises some interesting questions about what college sports are all about. Today, where we live, Walter Harrison president of the University of Hartford joins us to talk about the role athletics and academics play in college life. He chairs the National Collegiate Athletic Association's committee on Acadmemic performance.

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