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Christopher Shays
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Representative Christopher Shays joins us to discuss his policies and politics.


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Congressman Christopher Shays at his re-election party in 2006: Photo by Diane OrsonCongressman Christopher Shays at his re-election party in 2006: Photo by Diane OrsonMost political observers say Connecticut's 4th Congressional district is one of the hardest to call in the November Elections. And, the Republican incumbent in that district the only Republican left in the state's delegation is Christopher Shays. After more than 20 years in office, Shays faces a tough re-election fight from his main challenger, Democrat Jim Himes.

Shays has been an outspoken supporter of the Iraq War but he's also supported a timetable for withdrawal of US troops. His critics say he's flip-flopped on the issue he points to his 20 fact-finding trips to Iraq as proof of his credentials.

Today, where we live, you'll get a chance to ask questions of Congressman Shays about Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, Energy policy, and whatever else is on your mind.

Congressman Shays joins us from the studios of WVOF - on the Campus of Fairfield University. Starting in August, you'll be able to hear Where We Live daily on WVOF, 88.5.

Join the conversation! Add your suggestions, questions and comments below.

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With the current state of our economy, our infrastructure falling apart, our financial markets crumbling, the lack of rapid transit in our state and the high cost of health care, why do you feel that you should stay in your position and not step down along with Joe Lieberman and Chris Dodd. Thank you......

Joe Piscitelli

email to wherewelive@wnpr.org

Congressman Shays cannot say that Arab countries are harboring terrorist elements, while at the same time the US supports/props up any single authoritarian regime from Morocco to Iraq. Where do ethics come in line with our foreign policies?

New Haven

email to wherewelive@wnpr.org

While it was kind of amusing to hear Chris Shays play the "Mr. Dankosky, it's Osama on Line 2" game and pretend that such extreme cases were the main purpose of the Bush administration's eavesdropping, the simple fact of the matter is that FISA as it existed prior to this week allowed action under all sorts of exigent circumstances, even obtaining warrants *after* the fact. Nevertheless, it was clear that what the government did was illegal; certainly it was clear enough to Qwest Telecom, the one company that refused to cooperate. But now, thanks to the poor judgment of people like Mr. Shays, we will *never* learn the true scope of the crimes committed against the Constitution and the American people - because the telecoms don't have to say and the administration never will.

Our hope for recovering this nation's integrity now rests with a precariously balanced Supreme Court and the hope that it will strike down this law the way South American courts have stricken laws granting immunity to military officers who made dissidents disappear. God bless Anthony Kennedy and God save us from John McCain making judicial appointments.


Congressman, what do you

Congressman, what do you think about the potential for light rail development in the district you represent? How about fixing Amtrak? Do you have any solutions to offer?